St John's Catholic Primary School, Poulton-le-Fylde

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20th October 19
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The Governing Board

Chair: Mrs J Clark

Vice Chair: Mrs C Williamson

Finance, Staffing and Buildings: Mrs J Redmond (Chair), Fr P Sharrock, Mrs A Hartley, Mr A Gray, Mrs G Hodgson (HT)

Standards and Effectiveness: Mrs C Williamson (Chair), Fr P Sharrock, Mrs C Gregson, Mrs C  Moseley, Mrs J Clark, Mrs G Hodgson (HT), Mrs D Harris

Admissions Committee: Mrs C Gregson, Fr P Sharrock

Dismissal/Complaints: Mrs C Gregson, Mrs C Williamson, Mrs J Clark

Appeals Committee: Mrs A Hartley +1

HT Appraisal: Mrs J Clarke, Mrs J Redmond, Mrs A Hartley

Pay and Performance: Fr P Sharrock, Mrs J Clark, +1

Pay Appeals: Mrs C Williamson

Nominated Governors:

PPG, Finance = Mrs J Redmond

H&S = Mr A Gray

RE, HRSE = Mrs C Gregson

SEN, English = Mrs C Williamson

Maths = Mrs A Hartley

Child Protection/Safeguarding = Mrs J Clark

Training Link = Mrs C Moseley



  • There are no relevant business or pecuniary interests (as recorded in the register of interests)
  • Governance roles in other educational institutions: none
  • Material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives): none


2017-18 Full Governing Board Meeting % Attendance:

C Beckett 100%

J Clarke 100%

A Gray 100% 

C Gregson 100%

D Harris 100%

A Hartley 66.7%

G Hodgson 100%

C Moseley 33.3%

J Redmond 100%

Fr P Sharrock 66.7%

A Stevens 100%

T Williamson 100%

2017-18 Standards and Effectiveness Committee Meeting % Attendance:

J Clarke 100%

C Gregson 66.7%

D Harris 100%

G Hodgson 100%

C Moseley 33.3%

Fr P Sharrock 0%

A Stevens 66.7%

T Williamson 66.7%

2017-18 Resources Committee Meeting % Attendance:

C Beckett 33.3%

A Gray 100%

A Hartley 100%

G Hodgson 100%

J Redmond 100%

Fr P Sharrock 66.67%